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Welcome to the Colorado Geological Survey
The Colorado Geological Survey is here to serve the people of Colorado!  You pay our salary and we consider it our obligation to give you a fair return on your investment.   We have an unusually talented group of dedicated geoscientists who are committed to excellence. We feel privileged to work for the people of Colorado.

So, what is it that we do for you?

One of our primary efforts is to help people live safely with the multitude of geological hazards that Colorado’s spectacular geology creates when people move into nature. We are required by statute to review geologic reports done for new developments in unincorporated parts of counties, and for all new school construction or critical facilities.

Additionally, thirteen municipalities voluntarily use our talents because they believe we offer critical input to protecting their citizens. Over 350,000 copies have been sold of our multiple-award-winning publication, A Homebuyer and Homeowners Guide to Swelling Soil.

Another of our statutory requirements is to promote responsible development of Colorado’s vast mineral and energy resources. We produce reports and maps that compile information into useable formats that policy makers and the industry can use in making decisions. Our annual publication, Colorado Mineral and Energy Industry Acivity, is filled with a variety of information on the Colorado industries that produce more than $12 billion in revenues for our economy.

We also are increasingly involved in helping to solve our state’s serious water situation. Our Ground-Water Atlas of Colorado received two national awards. We have also released a report on the potential for storing water underground and restoring our depleting aquifers, available on our Bookstore.

And finally, we try to help people understand the importance of Colorado’s geology, particularly as it influences, mineral and mineral fuel production, geologic hazards, and water. We have done this this through our popular, free publication, RockTalk, which was published three times per year, through publications such as our multiple-award-winning Messages in Stone—Colorado’s Colorful Geology, and through a number of classroom materials such as our new poster series, “geocard card” series, and our popular bookmark.

We would love to hear from you on how you think we are doing, and any ideas you might have on how we can improve. Please contact us at 303-384-2655 (800-945-0451).


Colorado Geological Survey Staff:
(From left to right) Matt Morgan, Karen Morgan, Paul Morgan, Jonathan White (emeritus), Jim Burnell (emeritus), Mike O’Keefe, Karen Berry, Scot Fitzgerald, Jill Carlson, Larry Scott, Mike Bortnowski, Beth Sjaastad, Jon Lovekin, Peter Barkmann, Lesley Sebol.


 Colorado Geological Survey