SP-43 A Guide to Swelling Soils for Colorado Homebuyers and Homeowners


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Swelling soil, a geologic hazard, is a common and sometimes serious problem in Colorado that is capable of causing severe damage to houses. The damage may occur slowly over time, and houses in a neighborhood may be affected at different times. Written to assist homeowners in reducing damage caused by swelling soils, this important publication covers the latest information on geology, construction, landscaping, and home maintenance. It satisfies part of the disclosure requirements of the State of Colorado for new houses built on swelling soil, as well as to inform home-owners on strategies for the long-term care of their homes. It also includes homeowner risk, property check-list, reading sources, and further information sources. 76 pages. 45 figures.

UPDATE: The Association of American State Geologists announced that their annual John C. Frye Memorial Award for 1998 is granted to the CGS and the staff members who authored SP-43.