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The first issue of the RockTalk newsletter appeared in print in January 1998 and was an introduction to the current role of the Colorado Geological Survey. The following forty issues explored many important aspects of the CGS mission in detail, with the last issue coming out in the spring of 2011. During that thirteen-year run, RockTalk became a favorite publication across the state, with a final distribution base of more than ten thousand copies.

To honor the popularity of the publication, we decided to continue the tradition with the >RockTalk< blog. Here we will bring you timely information on CGS projects, events, and publications, items of Colorado-specific geoscientific interest, along with postings from CGS staff and invited guests.

Avalanche debris in the runout zone taken by Xcel Energy from a helicopter on the morning after the avalanche occurred, 24 March, 2003.

Case Study: Avalanche – Silver Plume

On March 23, 2003, a large avalanche occurred about one mile west of the Town of Silver Plume. The avalanche brought trees, rock, soil and snow to the valley floor, knocked down overhead utility lines, blocked the I-70 frontage road, damaged the town’s water treatment plant (WTP), and dammed Clear Creek. The dam was breached using explosives before the plant’s electric pump motors were flooded. With damage to the WTP’s chlorine contact tank and building, Silver Plume residents had to boil their tap water for over a month.