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Here it is, finally, our new ON-004-02 Colorado POGI* map. We hope that using Google Maps will make it more accessible and useful for finding your way around our beautiful state! With a wealth of fascinating geological features, venues, parks, and other attractions, a geology-themed vacation can be fun for the whole family. We are also making available our working ON-004-02 POGI spreadsheet that contains a lot of detailed information on the various points. While we have carefully checked all of the items on the map, especially because of COVID issues, it is best to refer to the individual pop-up web links for a particular point for the most up-to-date information. Also, this map is a work in progress, please let us know if there are places you think we should add or if you have any corrections!

* What’s a POGI? It’s our favorite term: “Points of Geologic Interest”!

We are also compiling a large number of field trip guides, some vintage, some new, from our collection, and will be posting them here shortly.

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