FT-01-02 The San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado: Geology, Water Quality, Mine Remediation, and Avalanche Hazards - Field Trip Guidebook


This field trip guide accompanied the 2001 Durango GeoConference “Geology and Land Use Issues in Southwestern Colorado”, put on by the CGS. Digital PDF download. FT-01-02D

From the Introduction:

This field trip is designed to acquaint participants with the geology, glaciology, avalanche terrain and water quality issues as well as some mining history of the western San Juan Mountains. Geologists and avalanche forecasters from the Colorado Geological Survey as well as local specialists in glaciology and water quality issues will lead a trip along State Highway 550 from Durango to Silverton over Red Mountain Pass in the San Juan Mountains. Along the route, participants will stop frequently to explore a special area, talk with geologists and avalanche forecasters, see historic mining areas, and learn about avalanche paths.