MS-28 Location Map and Descriptions of Metal Occurrences in Colorado with Notes on Economic Potential


Map showing locations of metal occurrences in Colorado, descriptions of metal occurrences with notes on economic potential. Colorado has a large number of metallic elements from diverse mineral deposit types. This tradition continues to the present and, indeed, a significant portion of the State’s economy continues to be tied to the development and exploitation of its metallic resource. The map (Plate 1) represents known locations of selected metals in Colorado, as of 1993. Map entries are documented locations of metallic concentrations which are generally above crustal abundance for a particular metal. In addition, the corresponding booklet contains information on trace metals which may prove to be of economic importance in the future. In total 41 metals or metal groups, including trace metals, are discussed. Information on the distribution of trace metals whether in separate occurrences or that contained as a byproduct of the State’s known metal deposits, is scarce. Hence, these potentially economic metals are not included on the map. Includes pertinent metal species and discussion of uses. 34 pages. 1 plate (1:500,000). Digital PDF download. MS-28D