20150825 Broadmoor Development Report EP-96-0059 & EP-99-0029

Land Use Review

Land Use Review Program

A primary goal of the CGS is to help local governments plan for new development while reducing the impact of geologic hazards on the lives and property of citizens of the state.

When is CGS land use review required?


CGS review is required for all proposed subdivisions that will create lots of less than 35 acres in unincorporated areas. (Colorado Revised Statute (C.R.S.) 30-28-136 )

Public School Sites

School districts must submit geologic suitability reports to the CGS for land purchases, new schools, and improvements to existing schools involving a change in building footprint. C.R.S. 22-32-124.

Municipal Major Activity

Municipalities must send notice to the CGS of any activity which covers five acres or more, before approving any zoning change, subdivision, or building permit application. C.R.S. 31-23-225.

Other assistance

The CGS can also assist local governments in reviewing/creating

  • Any land use application
  • Comprehensive plans
  • Mineral resource extraction plans
  • Subdivision regulations
  • Natural hazard mitigation plans
  • Zoning codes

Land Use Applications and Guidelines

The request for CGS review must come from the county or municipal planner, school district (or school district’s representative), or other official entity. [Download review form]

CGS Land Use Review Fee Schedule

Reviews for Counties:

  • Very small residential subdivision (1-3 lots and <100 acres): $600
  • Small subdivision (>3 lots and <100 acres): $950
  • Large subdivision (≥100 acres and <500 acres): $1550
  • Very large subdivision (≥500 acres): $2,500

Reviews for municipalities: At hourly rate of reviewer

Special reviews: At hourly rate of reviewer

School site reviews: $855

Please contact Karen Berry (303-384-2640) or Jill Carlson (303-384-2643) to discuss details of review or other project needs. In some cases, a fixed cost may be practical. In others, it will be more practical to use hourly fees plus other direct costs attributable to the work.