SP-06 Guidelines and Criteria For Identification and Land-Use Controls of Geologic Hazard and Mineral Resource Areas


Land use planning guide for H.B. 1041. Definition, identification, and mitigation for all geologic hazards listed in H.B. 1041. Identification and classification of mineral resource areas. Glossary and model geologic hazard-area regulations. 146 pages. 32 figures. 7 tables. Digital PDF download. SP-06D

From the report:

The purpose of this guideline was that in 1974, the Colorado Legislature passed House Bill 1040: “Concerning land use, and providing for identification, designation, and administration of areas and activities of State interest, and assigning additional duties to the Colorado Land Use Commission and the Department of Local Affairs, and making appropriations therefore.”

Within H.B. 1041, the Colorado geologic Survey is charged with specific responsibilities under item (1) c of Part 1, Section 106-7-101: “Appropriate state agencies shall assist local governments to identify, designate, and adopt guidelines for administration of matters of State interest.” Areas of State interest are covered in Part 1, Section 106-7-103, Definitions pertaining to natural hazards. Item 8 defines the term “Geologic Hazards” to which these guidelines relate.

These guidelines are in direct response to H.B. 1041. They have been prepared by the Colorado Geological Survey to meet the requirements and intent of this law.