OF-84-16 Estimated Oil and Gas Reserves for Yuma County, Colorado


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To most efficiently estimate oil and gas reserves for the State of Colorado, a county-by-county analysis was undertaken. This report is the fourteenth in a series of oil and gas reserve investigations undertaken for those counties in which oil and/or gas was being produced at that time. 36 pages. Digital PDF download. OF-84-16D

Yuma County, located in northeastern Colorado, is near the eastern edge of the Denver Basin. In this county, gas and/or condensate are produced from the Niobrara limestone. There are 21 fields considered active producers as of December 31, 1983. All of these are classified as gas fields (based on cumulative GOR >15:1).

Production decline curves are plotted for each currently producing horizon within each field (field-horizon). There are 21 production decline curves plotted, one for each field-horizon. Decline rates were calculated where there were sufficient production histories. Estimated gas reserves for Yuma County totaled 11,080,846 MCF. Note that the gas reserve calculations are based on a 20-year projection, therefore they do not account for gas production after the year 2003. These figures also do not account for production increases due to secondary and/or tertiary recovery not already in progress, or account for undiscovered reserves, nor do they reflect changes in economics and demand.