IS-25 Selected References on the Geology and Coal Resources of the Central and Western Colorado Coal Fields and Regions


Included are references for the Yampa and Danforth Hills Coal Fields, Sand Wash Basin, Uinta Coal Region and Piceance Creek Basin, San Juan River Coal Region, and North Park, Middle Park, and South Park Coal Fields. For each of the regions, there is a discussion of the physiography, coal stratigraphy, and coal resources. 141 pages. 13 figures. Digital PDF download. IS-25D

This bibliographic reference — as a compilation of most known information on these coal-producing regions — was sourced from two U.S. Geological Survey (87-768 and 84-769) and three Colorado Geological Survey Open-File Reports (OF-84-17, OF-83-01, and OF-84-01), the contents of which were revised for inclusion.