Clouds over Golden, Colorado, May ©2017 hopkins/neoscenes.

About the CGS

Much of the CGS website is under heavy re-construction and will be for some time. The Publications area is working normally, but there is a lot of content from our original site that was in desperate need of updating. Please bear with us as we gather new information and rewrite hundreds of pages of material, gather and properly caption high-resolution images and otherwise bring you some very cool new and archival material never before seen! Stay in touch by subscribing to the >RockTalk< blog where we will announce new items periodically.

A word from the current State Geologist, Karen A. Berry, State Geologist / Director:

Research is the core of the CGS mission and takes on many forms. We collaborate with numerous municipal, county, state, and national partners.

The accompanying detailed information and links are regularly updated as our projects develop, expand, and our research is published.

With a mission that is driven by state mandate — to inform the citizens of Colorado regarding a variety of geoscience and geo-engineering issues — the CGS tackles a wide range of basic field research around the state. The results are generally public-domain and available for download at our bookstore. In addition, contemporary research projects typically result in GIS data packages that are easily integrated within third-party GIS mapping solutions.

As the Survey has been around more than one hundred years, we also have an extensive archive of research publications that may be of interest. Most of these are available as free PDF/ZIP/GIS downloads through our bookstore.