SP-22 Proceedings of the 33rd Annual Highway Geology Symposium: Engineering Geology and Environmental Constraints in Vail, Colorado, 1982


Sixteen papers, presented at national symposium, address geologic problems and solutions related to road construction and maintenance in mountain environments: swelling and hydro-compacting soils, narrow canyon construction, detection of underground voids, landslides, retaining walls, reinforced earth techniques, and computer applications in corridor selection. 286 pages. Digital PDF download. SP-22D

From Highway Geology Symposium: Its History, Organization, and Function:

Unlike most groups and organizations that meet on a regular basis, the Highway Geology Symposium has no central headquarters, no annual dues, and no formal membership requirements. The governing body of the Symposium is a steering committee made up of about 20 engineering geologists and geotechnical engineers from state and federal agencies, colleges and universities, as well as private service companies and consulting firms throughout the country. Since 1950, the location of meetings moved around the country and the 1982 Symposium was held in Vail, Colorado, addressing the many ubiquitous and unique problems of Colorado highways.