FT-00-04 Front Range Geologic Hazards Field Trip


This field trip guide was part of the October 2000 Earth Science Week. PDF download. FT-00-04D

From the Introduction:

The purpose of this field trip is to look at the geology of the Front Range foothills between Golden and Boulder, Colorado. The foothills are the place where two major physiographic regions meet, the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains.

The complex interplay of geology and climate has resulted in a dramatic landscape of great beauty, making the Front Range foothills a desirable place to visit and live. Today, most of Colorado’s residents live in cities along these foothills.

Although the landscape here looks timeless, it is not at all dormant. The foothills region is slowly but actively changing due to a number of geologic and climatic processes. Its mountains and mesas are wearing down, and water is eroding sediment from the rock. These processes are natural, and they have been occurring for millions of years.