OF-20-11 Alkaline Complexes of the Wet Mountains Area, Colorado: A Geological Summary, Bibliography, and Data Compilation of Critical Mineral Laboratory Results


The report extends information on three particular mineral deposits in the area comprising the Wet Mountains of central Colorado. Includes discussions of the geology and data compilation, bibliography, laboratory results on CGS field samples, Digital ZIP/PDF/GIS/XLS/CSV download. OF-20-11D

From the Introduction:

Colorado hosts several alkaline igneous intrusions that formed in a variety of geological settings. These intrusions are associated with some mineral deposits of economic interest, including the precious metal deposits at Cripple Creek and other deposits that contain potential titanium, niobium, rare earth elements (REEs), uranium, and thorium resources. The U.S. critical minerals list recently updated by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) includes niobium, REE, titanium, strontium, and other elements typically associated with alkaline igneous intrusive rocks and carbonatites. An area along the western flank of the Wet Mountains located in Custer and Fremont counties, Colorado, hosts three alkaline complexes that reportedly contain elevated concentrations of these critical minerals.