RS-03 Colorado Coal Directory and Source Book 1978


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Colorado coal directory and source book, 1978. 558 pages. 11 figures. 23 tables. Digital PDF download. RS-03D

This book is divided into parts, as follows: Part 1 – Colorado coal statistics; Part 2 – Coal mines in Colorado; Part 3 – Coal development, taxation, transportation, and utilization; Part 4 – Coal sales and preparation; Part 5 – Survey of coal-fired heating equipment manufacturers in Colorado; Part 6 – directory of companies and consultants in Colorado coal; and Part 7 – Coal mine data sheets. Also included are selected references.

It is designed to be used as a workbook for private and public planners and as an information resource manual for pertinent public concerns. Its purpose is to provide detailed, up-to-date to 1978 information regarding the production and shipment of coal from mines operating within the State of Colorado, together with data of interest to the users of Colorado coal and to those involved with the development, and with the effects of such development of this important resource.