MS-07 Geology for Land-Use Planning in the Craig Area, Moffat County, Colorado


Two plates for land-use planning in the Craig Area, Moffat County: 1) Geology: bedrock and surficial units and geologic constraints to development and 2) Surface drainage: flood and sheet flood susceptible areas and potential drainage problems. 2 plates (1:12,000). Digital PDF download. MS-07D

Excerpt from the map General Discussion:

Humankind’s normal activity and presence in an area transform many natural geologic conditions and processes into geologic hazards. Consequently, the use and misuse of land have resulted in an increased awareness by land-use planners of the need to properly manage the use of land so that it will have the least adverse effect upon the natural environment and human activities. As an aid to proper land-use management, this map show the various bedrock formations, surficial deposits, and unstable and potentially unstable slopes in the Craig area. In addition, each mapping unit is analyzed with regard to its constraints to urban development.