B-24 Some Anticlines of Western Colorado


This 1924 bulletin examines several anticlines in Routt and Moffat Counties and one in Montezuma County. Anticlines were closely associated with plays in the early years of exploration and development of petroleum reservoirs. 68 pages. 3 plates (1:25,000 and 1:84,500). 15 figures. Digital PDF download. B-24D

From the Introduction:

The intense interest in oil has created such a demand for the Survey publications bearing on the oil possibilities of the state that Bulletins 23 and 24 are out of print. The present bulletin is a reprint of the greater part of Bulletin 24 with which are included the most important parts of Bulletin 23. The parts of Bulletin 23 omitted are chiefly descriptions of formations, as the same formations are described in Bulletin 24. One of the accompanying plates is taken from Bulletin 23, and the other is taken from Bulletin 24.

In most of the area covered by this report sedimentary rocks of Cretaceous age or younger predominate and occupy the greater part of the surface. In a few places, however, igneous rocks are found as remnants of former sheets, dikes, necks or craters. In general, it might be stated that the area in the vicinity of the Park Range is more likely to contain necks, plugs and craters than that country to the west and northwest.