EG-12 Energy Resources of the Denver and Cheyenne Basins, Colorado: Resource Characteristics, Development Potential and Environmental Problems


Describes coal, uranium, oil and gas resources; locations, potential, development methods and conflicts in the Denver and Cheyenne Basins. (See also OF-77-01.) By R.M. Kirkham and L.R. Ladwig. 258 pages. 86 figures. 16 tables. 2 plates (1:500,000). Digital PDF download. EG-12D

This report presents the results of a 32-month study of the geologic characteristics, development potential, and environmental problems related to the exploration for and development of energy resources in the Denver and Cheyenne Basins, Colorado. Coal, lignite, uranium, oil, and gas energy resources are evaluated for their development potentials. The report is organized into the following sections: Introduction, General geology; Coal resources; Uranium resources; Oil and gas resources; and Land use conflicts related to energy resource development. The investigation was conducted by the CGS and cooperatively funded by a U.S. Geological Survey Grant on the Study of Environmental Impact of Energy Resource Development in the Denver Basin, Colorado.