OF-78-01 Evaluation of Coking Coal Deposits in Colorado First Annual Report


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Evaluation of coking coal deposits in Colorado, First Annual Report. 18 pages. 5 plates. Digital PDF download. OF-78-01D

Text is missing in CGS files. This publication consists of five hand-annotated map plates. Plate 1 covers all of Colorado, and shows the coal bearing regions, locations of coal mines, and a map index number which is keyed to Table 5 “Statistics on Bituminous Coal Mines in Colorado” in First Annual Report, Evaluation of Coal-Coking Deposits in Colorado. The remaining Plates 2 through 5 are detail views of the Raton Mesa region, the northern San Juan River region, the southern San Juan River region, and southern Uinta region.

See also RS-07 (part 2 of this 2-year study).