MS-32 Map of Areas Susceptible to Differential Heave in Expansive, Steeply Dipping Bedrock, City of Colorado Springs, Colorado


Stratigraphic cross sections and stratigraphic column for the City of Colorado Springs. Outlines areas underlain by dipping bedrock. Text discussion (on plate) includes: heaving bedrock as a geologic hazard and considerations for proposed and existing development. This map shows the general area of expansive, steeply dipping bedrock in the vicinity of Colorado Springs. Engineered facilities in this area may be subjected to destructive, differential ground heave if expansive layers of bedrock are encountered at shallow depth. Actual heaving bedrock hazards vary considerably within the hazard area. This map does not show areas where thick, surficial-soil deposits may cover the bedrock, significantly reducing the heaving potential. Additionally, it does not distinguish between formations that have high, moderate, or low swell potentials. The hazard-area boundaries are approximate, and have been delineated based on the best-available geologic information. The accuracy of these boundaries should not be considered to exceed the accuracy of the map scale of 1:24,000. 1 color plate (1:24,000). Digital PDF download. MS-32D

From the Introduction:

Heaving bedrock hazards exist under certain geologic conditions in the western part of the City of Colorado Springs. Accordingly, landowners, developers, homebuilders, homeowner’s associations, special districts, utility providers, and the City of Colorado Springs should consider the potential for this geologic hazard during all phases of property development. This includes site exploration and evaluation, facilities design, construction quality control, and longer-term maintenance. In May 1996, the City of Colorado Springs enacted a geologic hazard ordinance that requires the identification and mitigation of several types of natural hazards (City of Colorado Springs, 1996). This ordinance includes heaving bedrock hazards associated with expansive, steeply dipping bedrock.