RS-04 Proceedings of the Second Symposium on the Geology of Rocky Mountain Coal, 1977


Fourteen papers on depositional environments, mine planning and development, geophysical and computer techniques, and coal petrography. 219 pages. Digital PDF download. RS-04D

Excerpts from the foreword:

This symposium series was designed primarily for the geologist exploring for and developing the coal resources of the Rocky Mountain region, from Montana to New Mexico, and from Colorado to Utah. This 1977 Symposium concentrated on the importance of depositional environments to coal geology, and consisted of four technical sessions:

  • I: Depositional Models for Coal Exploration in the Rocky Mountain Cretaceous
  • II: Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments of Rocky Mountain Tertiary Coal Deposits
  • III: Depositional Models for Coal Exploration in non-Rocky Mountain Regions
  • IV: Application of Geology to Coal Mining and Coal Mine Planning.
  • This volume contains all but two of the papers presented at the 1977 symposium, along with the abstracts of the remaining two. In addition, informative reports from the three workshops are included. A paper on geophysics as related to coal, given at the 1976 Symposium but not published in the Proceedings volume from that meeting, has been included here. Proceedings of the previous 1976 symposium was published by the CGS as RS-01.