B-09 Geology of Ore Deposits of the Bonanza District, Saguache County, Colorado


Geology of ore deposits of the Bonanza district, Saguache County, Colorado. 136 pages. 23 plates (1:24,000). 2 figures. 1 table. Digital PDF download. B-09D

Excerpted from the introduction:

The area embraced in this survey covers a total of some seventeen or eighteen square miles. It lies almost entirely east of the north branch of Kerber Creek. Its eastern boundary follows the high ridge or range that runs northerly from Hayden’s Peak and connects with the Cochetopa Hills that lie to the north and northwest of the Kerber Creek valley. Within this area will be found practically all the mining properties of any consequence, as well as most of the prospects in the Bonanza district.

The topographic and geologic mapping of the Gold Brick mining district was accomplished in the early 1900s. This history of the mining district is accompanied by photographs of the area taken during the field work as well as other historic photographs.

The report is organized into the following chapters: Chapter I. Introduction; Chapter II. Topographic field work; Chapter III. Geology and petrography; and Chapter IV. Economic geology. The Supplement contains a list of mining claims in the district, in alphabetical and numerical order.