OF-91-01 Identification and Remediation of a Mine Flooding Problem, Rico, Dolores County, Colorado with Discussion of the Use of Tracer Dyes


Discusses geology and mining activities of Atlantic Cable, Van Winkle, and Shamrock Mines and hydrology of Silver Creek. Provides site evaluation, testing, and remediation in Rico, Dolores County. 15 pages. 9 figures. 1 table. 1 plate (1:240). Digital PDF download. OF-91-01D

This is a report on how flooding of residences in Rico, Colorado occurred after a section of a mine collapsed under a creek creating a whirlpool in the creek, and how dye testing was attempted to test the presumed source to distinguish from a piped potable water line with a defective valve, and ultimately how the problem was remediated. There is a sister report OF-91-02 discussing the dye study in more detail.