OS-04 Oil Shale and the Future of a Region: Garfield, Mesa, and Rio Blanco Counties, Colorado, A Summary Report


The future of a region; oil shale, a summary report, Garfield, Mesa and Rio Blanco counties, Colorado. 65 pages. Digital PDF download. OS-04D

Excerpt from the introduction:
In 1973, the functions of the Oil Shale Regional Planning Commission were incorporated into the newly formed Colorado West Area Council of Governments. The governing board of the Council is made up of a member of the Board of County Commissioners from each of the four counties (Garfield, Mesa, Rio Blanco, and Moffat) in Planning and Management Region 11, and an elected representative from each county representing the municipalities. The Council continued the investigations begun by the Oil Shale Regional Planning Commission. The findings and recommendations of the Regional Development and Land Use Study are summarized in this report.