OF-90-02 Geology and Mineral Evaluation of Mineral Claims within the Snowmass Wilderness Area in the Vicinity of the Colorado-Highland Marble Quarry, Conundrum Creek, Pitkin County, Colorado


Geology and mineral evaluation of mineral claims within the Snowmass Wilderness Area. Covers the Colorado-Highland Marble Quarry, Conundrum Creek, Pitkin County. Includes site background, geologic characterization, economic and market evaluation, products, quarry and fabrication plan and costs within the Snowmass Wilderness Area. 78 pages. 19 figures. 4 tables. 3 plates (1:1,200). Digital PDF download. OF-90-02D

The CGS spent three months in the 472 acre project area mapping, sampling, and studying the regional geology with emphasis on the extensive marble deposits of the Belden Formation and the potential for gold in gravels of Conundrum Creek. The resources of value are the gray marble deposit, as situated on the east side of Conundrum Creek in the vicinity of the lower water fall, and the white marble in the south portion of the claim block. The CGS mapping and sampling program for base and precious metals found no indications of resources of economic value in the many prospect holes examined or in the placer gravels of Conundrum Creek.

This report is designed to enable a reader with no prior knowledge of the Conundrum Creek Property to gain an understanding of the mineral potential and evaluation. The report contains maps, diagrams, and photographs designed to enhance the reader’s understanding of the subject matter. Also included are various correspondences and documentation of verbal conversations conducted by the CGS during the investigation.