OF-82-05 Geothermal Implications of Warm Mine Water Drainage at Lake City and Cripple Creek, Colorado


Geothermal implications of warm mine water drainage at Lake City and Cripple Creek, Colorado. 15 pages. 4 figures. 2 tables. Digital PDF download. OF-82-05D

From the Introduction:

During July, 1981, the CGS sampled warm water draining from mines near Lake City and Cripple Creek, as part of a statewide geothermal resource assessment program. Warm water (>20°C) was also observed at the Camp Bird mine near Ouray, but this could not be sampled due to the lack of proper safety clothing for approaching the mine. Although the mines sampled probably represent a fraction of the mines in Colorado issuing warm water, the discussion here of two conspicuous sites may prove useful for analogous areas. The most interesting result of this work was the discovery of several “hot” mines near Cripple Creek.

Due to the lack of data specific to the nature of this investigation, and the minimal time allotted for the study due to more pressing research, the hypotheses presented are quite speculative. This report is intended to provide stimulus for further research.