OF-12-08 Geologic Map of the Minturn Quadrangle, Eagle County, Colorado


The purpose of this report is to describe the geology, mineral and ground‐water resource potential, structure, and geologic hazards of this 7.5‐minute quadrangle located in central Colorado. Contract geologists Robert Kirkham, Karen Houck, and Jonathan Funk along with field assistants David Mendel and Kari Sicard completed the field work on this project during the summers of 2008 and 2009. The report was compiled from field maps and notes, photographs, and structural measurements produced by the investigators. Digital ZIP download. OF-12-08D

From the Author’s Notes:

The Minturn 7.5-minute quadrangle is in central Colorado between the southern end of the Gore Range and northern end of the Sawatch Range. The Eagle River enters the quadrangle near its southeast corner, flows northwesterly across the quadrangle through the Eagle River canyon, and exits the quadrangle near its northwest corner. Gore Creek joins the Eagle River in the north-central part of the quadrangle. The town of Minturn, the western part of the city of Vail, the abandoned mining camp of Gilman, and the western part of Vail ski area and eastern part of Beaver Creek ski area are within the quadrangle. U.S. highway 24 and Interstate highway 70 cross the quadrangle and meet at Dowds Junction.