B-51 Guide to the Petroleum Geology and Laramide Orogeny, Denver Basin and Front Range, Colorado


Two field trip guides to the petroleum geology and Laramide Orogeny, of the Denver Basin and Front Range. Part I: A field guide to the Denver Basin with a summary of petroleum geology (including petroleum system, sequence stratigraphy, wrench faulting, and reservoir compartmentalization). Part II: A field guide to Laramide Orogeny and Early Cenozoic erosional history of the Front Range and Denver Basin. 127 pages. Digital PDF download. B-51D

The field guides are topical in nature and have been prepared for trips sponsored by three international geoscience meetings held in Denver in the fall of 1996: the Geological Society of America, the Society of Exploration Geophysicists, and the Society of Petroleum Engineers. Regional scientific and professional societies have also scheduled field trips, and portions of the guides will be of interest to residents of the Denver Metropolitan Area. The major themes are structure (with new emphasis on the role of wrench faulting), stratigraphy, petroleum system and geologic history of the eastern Front Range and western Denver Basin.