OS-06 Regional Oil Shale Study – Environmental Inventory, Analysis, and Impact: Piceance Creek Basin, Rio Blanco and Garfield Counties, Colorado


Inventory, analysis, and impact study. 1974. By H. D. Burke and E.C. Vlachos. 91 pages. 4 tables. 7 figures. Digital PDF download. OS-06D

Excerpt from the preface:

This report summarizes a field study by Thorne Ecological Institute that resulted in 26 technical papers as well as current literature relating to selected components of the environment and the probable effects of various alternatives of oil shale development upon those components. The study is one of four comprising the Regional Oil Shale Study authorized and administered by the Department of Natural Resources of the State of Colorado.

The objectives of the Environmental Inventory Analysis and Impact Study were (1) to examine a number of the more sensitive components of the ecosystem and to establish baselines from which changes in the environment due to oil shale development could be evaluated and (2) to evaluate the effects of a series of alternatives and the long-range consequences for all interrelated aspects of physical and human environments.