IS-34 Snow and Avalanche Annual Report 1990-91 CAIC


This is the annual report describes the operations of the CAIC and the important events of the 1990-1991 winter season. It contains the executive summary; funding and budget; operations; weather and avalanche synopsis; detailed winter summary; information acquisition; dissemination of hazard forecasts, public education; and hazard grading. 54 pages. 3 figures. 8 tables. 2 appendices. Digital PDF download. IS-34D

Excerpt from the report:

The Colorado Avalanche Information Center has completed its fourth year under the management of the Colorado Geological Survey and its eighth year within the Department of Natural Resources. The Center was housed at the National Weather Service in Denver, with office also at the U.S. Forest Service in Fort Collins. Four forecasters shared the responsibilities of a seven-day work week during the winter season from November through April. That staff of four did an amazing amount of work, as is documented in the report.

Summary of avalanche events: A total of 2,242 avalanches were reported to the Center this season (21% above normal). Avalanche Warnings were posted on 30 days (four below normal). Five people died by avalanche (one above normal). There was negligible property damage.