OF-81-06 Coal Bed Methane Potential of the Sand Wash Basin, Green River Coal Region, Colorado


The Sand Wash Basin covers most of the Colorado portion of the Green River coal region. Significant coal beds are found in four Cretaceous formations in the basin: the Iles and Williams Fork Formations of the Mesaverde Group, the Lance Formation, and the Fort Union Formation. Several lines of evidence indicate coal bed methane is present in some of the coals in the basin: 1) gas emissions, 2) desorbed coal sample data, mud log reports, and successful drill stem and production tests from mixed sandstone and coal zones. These are detailed in the report. 26-page book including 10 figures, 1 table, 3 appendices, 4 plates adapted from USGS Vernal and Craig (1:250,000). Digital PDF download. OF-81-06D