OF-00-03 Geologic Map of the Colorado Springs Quadrangle, El Paso County, Colorado


This quadrangle map is located in El Paso County and includes a cross section, a map unit correlation, a shaded-relief map with geology overlay, and booklet of extended descriptions of map units, economic geology, and selected references. 17 pages. 1 color plate (1:24,000). Digital PDF download. OF-00-03D

This was the first quadrangle in the Colorado Springs area to be mapped by the CGS. It is based on (1) prior published and unpublished geologic maps and reports; (2) interpretation of both color and black and white, 1:24,000-scale aerial photography flown in 1947 and 1991, 1:6,000-scale black and white aerial photography flown in 1966; and (3) field investigations conducted in 1999. Intensive fieldwork was conducted in selected areas, mainly recent landslide exposures west of I-25. Mapping in the now heavily-urbanized eastern part of the quadrangle is largely based on reconnaissance mapping by Scott and Wobus (1973).

Known mineral resources in the quadrangle include coal, sand, gravel, crushed stone and refractory and brick clay. With three wildcat wells that were once drilled and abandoned, no known petroleum production has occurred in the quad.