GEO-1992-01 State Geological Survey Evaluation Report (First Edition)


Published in 1992, this evaluation of the CGS and a number of other state geological surveys provides a valuable historical snapshot as to the role that a geological survey plays in contemporary society. Digital PDF download. GEO-1992-01D

From the report:

This cover letter is attached to the first edition of the “State Geological Survey Evaluation Report” prepared by the Colorado Geological Survey Committee of the Colorado Section of the American Institute of Professional Geologists. The report has been in preparation since March, 1991, when the Colorado Section of the AIPG started an in-depth review of the CGS and twelve other state geological surveys around the United States. The targeted audience for this report is the State Legislature, the Governor and other elected representatives, as well as state bureaucrats, local government officials, Colorado’s geological community, and interested citizens.

A number of events, mainly economic, have adversely affected the CGS during the past decade. Most have been beyond the ability of the CGS to control, and many beyond the ability of Colorado to control or alleviate as well. The Colorado Geological Survey Committee of the Colorado section American Institute of Professional Geologists was established during 1990. The purpose of the CGS Committee has been and is to help the CGS become more effective and of greater value to Colorado. Our original aim was to build constituencies supportive of the CGS and its improvement among the public, industries, local communities, educational and environmental groups and at the state government level. We found that outside of Colorado’s geologic community, the CGS is little known or appreciated. The potential of the survey to provide expanded services of economic and social value is totally unrecognized. We found that many legislators and state bureaucrats are in these categories and that legislators familiar with, and sometimes sympathetic to, the CGS were sometimes unaware of its potential, especially in the economic development area.