RS-07 Evaluation of Coking Coals in Colorado


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San Juan River and Uinta coal regions; classifications, coal petrography, history, identified reserves, representative coal analyses, coal evaluation maps, and references. 72 pages. 37 figures. 22 tables. 3 plates (various scales). Digital PDF download. RS-07D

From the abstract:

Certain coals from the State of Colorado have long served as a major component for the manufacture of coke in the western United States. However, decision-makers in both private industry and in all levels of government had been hampered by the lack of a comprehensive and detailed statewide coking-coal resource evaluation. To alleviate this problem, a two-year project was initiated to evaluate the resources of coking coal in Colorado.

Based on a precedent set by workers in the U.S. Bureau of Mines and Department of Energy, a classification system was established to evaluate coking-coal resources in Colorado. Using this classification system, in conjunction with general technologic and geologic considerations for coke oven feedstocks, the Uinta, San Juan River, and Raton Mesa coal regions, Colorado, were selected as areas containing potential coking-coal reserves. Identified original in-place coking-coal reserve estimates then were made utilizing a proposed coking-coal classification system, coal resource evaluation maps, and published coal reserve estimates.