B-17 Twin Lakes District of Colorado


Twin Lakes district of Colorado. 106 pages. 2 plates. 27 figures. J. V. Howell. Digital PDF download. B-17D

From the Introduction:

The entire Twin Lakes district is in Lake and Chaffee Counties, lying partly in the southwest corner of Lake and partly in the northwest corner of Chaffee County.

For the purposes of this report the Twin Lakes district will be considered as including all territory within the Lake Creek basin, in addition to some adjacent territory which is so situated that the Lake Creek trail forms its natural outlet to the railroads. Such a definition permits the inclusion of the following general groups of claims: 1. The Twin Lakes group. Located near the mouth of Lake Creek, near the village of that name. Both lode and placer claims are included. 2. The Lackawanna Gulch group. Those claims which lie in Lackawanna Gulch and on Mounts Champion and Lackawanna and near Independence Pass. 3. Bull Hill group. A group of claims lying along the divide between Monitor and Black Cloud Gulches. 4. Red Mountain group. A large number of scattered claims in Sayers and Peek-a-boo Gulches and along the South Fork of Lake Creek. 5. Isolated claims lying between the above-mentioned groups.

The report is organized into six chapters: Chapter I. Introduction, Chapter II. Physiographic geology, Chapter III. General geology, Chapter IV. Precambrian, Paleozoic, and igneous rocks (including their distribution, structure and petrology), Chapter V. Economic geology and Chapter VI. Mining properties of the district.