OF-95-01 1992-1993 Low Temperature Geothermal Assessment Program, Colorado


Describes the 1992-1993 Low Temperature Geothermal Assessment Program. Includes sources of data; data format; geochemical data, location, usage; and general information. Update of 1978 assessment. 20 pages. 2 figures. 1 plate (1:1,000,000). Digital PDF Download. OF-95-01D

Previous assessments of Colorado’s low-temperature geothermal resources were completed by the Colorado Geological Survey in 1920 (B-11) and in the mid- to late-1970s (B-39 and IS-06). The purpose of the 1992-1993 low-temperature geothermal resource assessment is to update the earlier physical, geochemical, and utilization data and compile computerized databases of the location, chemistry, and general information of the low-temperature geothermal resources in Colorado. The main sources of the data included published data from the Colorado Geological Survey, the U.S. Geological Survey WATSTOR database, and the files of the State Division of Water Resources. The staff of the Colorado Geological Survey in 1992 and 1993 visited most of the known geothermal sources that were recorded as having temperatures greater than 30°C. Physical measurements of the conductivity, pH, temperature, flow rate, and notes on the current geothermal source utilization were taken. Ten new geochemical analyses were completed on selected geothermal sites. The results of the compilation and field investigations are compiled.