OF-96-04-10 Sequence Stratigraphy of the Dakota Group and Equivalent Rocks From North-Central Colorado to Northeastern New Mexico


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Field trip no. 10 from “Geologic Excursions to the Rocky Mountains and Beyond,” field trip guidebook of the 1996 Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America. (SP-44 has the complete set.) 43 pages. Digital PDF download. OF-96-04-10D

From the Field Trip Overview and Objectives:

This field trip is designed as a three-day excursion to examine Lower Cretaceous, Dakota Group rocks along the northern Colorado Front Range and to compare and contrast these rocks with similar age rocks along the northern Colorado Front Range and northeastern New Mexico. An additional caveat of this trip will be an examination of the Capulin Mountain basaltic cinder cone and a review of Tertiary-Holocene volcanism in the high plains of northeastern New Mexico.