OF-00-09 Atlas of Sand, Gravel, & Quarry Aggregate Resources, Colorado Front Range Counties


This publication contains GIS files associated with the aggregate datasets from the CGS Special Publications 5A and 5B (SP-05-A and SP-05-B, out of print):

Schwochow, S. D., R. R. Shroba, and P. C. Wicklein. “SP-05-A and B Sand, Gravel, and Quarry Aggregate Resources Colorado Front Range Counties.” Aggregate Resources. Special Publication. Denver, CO: Colorado Geological Survey, Department of Natural Resources, 1974.

Digital PDF copies of these two reports are also included.

The files are provided in Arc Export (.e00) format so they can be easily imported into any GIS or graphics package that is Arc Export compatible. (Order SP-05B for page-size reductions.) Digital ZIP/PDF download. OF-00-09D