GEO-1918-01 The Denver and Salt Lake Railroad


A brief report on the mineral resources that might be encountered and developed in the region of the proposed Moffat Road line of The Denver and Salt Lake Railroad, written by R. D. George, the first Director and State Geologist of the CGS from 1908 through 1926. Digital PDF download. GEO-1918-01D

From the Letter of Introduction:

Replying to your request for a statement from the State Geologist of Colorado concerning the extent and location of the deposits of coal, oil shales, hydrocarbons, and other minerals of economic value, in the region served and to be served by the Denver and Salt Lake Railroad—the statement to be used by your Committee to make clear the public advantage and public necessity for the completion of the Denver and Salt Lake Railroad—the “Moffat Road”—and its main range tunnel:

I am returning herewith the map of the railroad handed me by your Committee and showing the “Moffat Road” as already constructed, the proposed
extensions of the railroad, and the location of the main range tunnel. I am submitting to you, also, two maps prepared in my office. Upon one of them are shown the coal deposits of the region, and upon the other of them are indicated the oil-shale and hydrocarbon deposits, and the deposits—so far as known—of other minerals of economic value. I am also submitting a statement, prepared under my direction, concerning the resources indicated upon the maps referred to.

It is apparent to me, from a careful examination of the subject, that the industrial value of many million dollars’ worth of useful mineral deposits depends largely upon the quick completion of the railroad enterprise, including the proposed tunnel through the main range.