B-31 Geology of the Tarryall District, Park County, Colorado


Geology of the Tarryall district, Park County, Colorado. 64 pages. 11 plates (1:31,250). Digital PDF download. B-31D

This 1925 publication provides a historical perspective of mining activities and how landmarks and mobility in the field differs so much from today. For example the statement “The area covered by this report lies in Park County, Colorado, about five miles northwest of Como, a station on the Leadville branch of the Colorado and Southern Railroad”. The railroads have long since disappeared and instead there are many roads.

What has not changed as significantly is the understanding of the geology. This report is organized into the following sections: Introduction, General Geology, and Economic Geology. The last describes the mineralogy of the ores and gangue, and the types of deposits in the district. Included is the history of the mining districts and their condition at the time of the field work for this study in the 1920s, and a list of previous publications from the last quarter of the 1800s through the early 1900s.