IS-74 Lower Arkansas River Alluvial Aquifer: Geographic, Digital Bibliography


CGS Information Series IS-74 is a digital and geo-referenced bibliography of publicly-available studies and data related to the alluvial aquifer system of the lower Arkansas River below Pueblo Reservoir in Colorado. The bibliography identifies existing literature that addresses the configuration, hydrologic properties, water levels, and water quality of the aquifer. The GIS bibliographic database was created with a GIS platform providing a digital product that can be used by ground-water professionals, water managers, and the public for researching information related to the alluvial groundwater resources of the lower Arkansas River basin. Digital ZIP download. IS-74D

Included is a bibliography map showing various study limits along the Lower Arkansas River that includes portions of its tributaries. Organized from where they intersect the Arkansas River from upstream to downstream, the tributaries include: Fountain Creek, St. Charles River, Black Squirrel Creek, Chico Creek, Huerfano River, Apishapa River, Horse Creek, Adobe Creek, Purgatoire River, Rush Creek, Big Sandy Creek, Two Butte Creek, and Two Butte Creek.