RS-36 Availability of Coal Resources in Colorado: Somerset Quadrangle, West-Central Colorado


General geology of the Somerset Quadrangle; coal mining history; coal quality; restrictions on coal availability; preparation of data for resource calculations; computer techniques, results; comparison with other coal availability studies; comparison with previous coal resource calculations. 87 pages. 20 figures. 9 tables. 1 appendix. Digital PDF download. RS-36D

From the Abstract:

The CGS, in cooperation with the U.S. Geological Survey, has produced an estimate of the amount of available coal in an area of historical and active mining in west-central Colorado. Available coal is the quantity of the total coal resource that is accessible for mine development under current regulatory, land-use, and technologic constraints. This coal availability study of the Somerset quadrangle indicates that approximately 75 percent (2,326 million short tons) of the total 3,088 million tons of original coal in-place in the quadrangle is available for development. Approximately 75 million tons of coal within the quadrangle have been mined through 1997, with a total of about 275 million tons lost in mining. Coal lost in mining includes coal unavailable to be mined due to previous mining of adjacent beds or mining of coal within the same bed. All tonnage measurements in this report are in short tons.