MS-08 Licensed Coal Mines in Colorado


Statewide map of licensed coal mines as of 1977. The purpose of the map is to provide insight into the Colorado coal industry. The map locates mines and lists them by county and coal mine number/name. Also listed is information on the geologic formation, coal thickness and type (rank), number of employees, and 1976 production plus cumulative production to April 1, 1977. This product updates OF-76-01, which contained production information up until January 1, 1976. MS-08 was subsequently updated and revised by MS-12 in 1978, MS-15 in 1981, MS-23 in 1984, RS-29 in 1989, and RS-32 in 1995-96. 1 plate (1:1,000,000). Digital PDF download. MS-08D