OF-77-01 Preliminary Investigation and Feasibility Study of Environmental Impact of Energy Resource Development in the Denver Basin


Preliminary investigation and feasibility study of environmental impact of development of coal, lignite, uranium, oil and gas in the Denver Basin. Includes an extensive bibliography. (See also EG-12). 30 pages. 1 plate (1:500,000). Digital PDF download. OF-77-01D

This report presents the findings of a three-month long preliminary investigation which was conducted prior to a three-year full scale investigation. Two primary topics were analyzed: 1) the technical feasibility of the full-scale project, and 2) possible coordination with local planning agencies. For the technical feasibility evaluation, factors addressed included the limits of the study area, availability of information, operating , licensed, and proposed mines in the study area, preliminary analysis of resource distribution, a bibliographic compilation, map availability, and determining the best method of resource and environmental analysis. For coordination with local planning agencies, this involved inquiry into their knowledge of energy resources in their jurisdiction and analysis of their regulations or policy guidelines related to development of those resources.