IS-09 Geothermal Energy Development in Colorado: Processes, Promises and Problems


Discusses the status of geothermal energy development in Colorado, potential for use and actions necessary for development, conditions which constrain development, and suggested remedies. 52 pages. 7 figures. 12 tables. Digital PDF download. IS-09D

From the introduction:

In the United States, geothermal energy is considered to have significant potential, both for the generation of electricity and for use as direct heat, although estimates of the specific amounts vary widely. As a result, recent Federal policies have been initiated to encourage geothermal development. In 1970 the U.S. Congress passed the Geothermal Leasing Act to allow for issuance of geothermal leases on Federal lands (PL 91-581). In 1974 the Federal Energy Research Development and Demonstration Act was adopted, providing the mandate for geothermal programs that include resource assessment, planning and system development (PL 93-410). Among the planning programs is the Southwest Regional Geothermal Development Operations Research Project, of which this study is a part. This report summarizes the findings of the Colorado Team (staff from the CGS) during the first project year.