MS-02 Hydrogeology of St. Charles Mesa, Pueblo County, Colorado


Hydrogeology study of St. Charles Mesa, Pueblo County, includes data on water table/depth-to-water, bedrock elevation/saturated thickness, table of chemical analyses, and graph of water level changes. 1 plate (1:240,000). Digital PDF download. MS-02D

From the Introduction:

St. Charles Mesa, an area immediately east of Pueblo, Colorado, is rapidly undergoing urbanization. As the mesa has a large concentration of population dependent to some degree on ground water supplies and a large development of ground water, the Colorado Geological Survey contracted with Hydro Engineering of Pueblo, Colorado, to make a reconnaissance investigation of the hydrogeology of the mesa. The purposes of the investigation were to obtain a better understanding of the groundwater system of the mesa and to determine if there are any water quality problems resulting from the large number of septic tanks in the area. This report should benefit both local planning agencies and residents for development of ground-water supplies in the St. Charles Mesa area.