OF-00-12 Demonstrated Reserve Base for Coal in Colorado: Yampa Coal Field


Describes the amount of coal in the Yampa Coal Field, Moffat and Routt Counties, which is either measured or indicated by drill hole data or outcrop measurements. Includes introduction, methodology, procedures, summary, references. 4 figures. 19 tables. 33 pages. Digital PDF download. OF-00-12D

From the Author’s notes:

The new demonstrated reserve base (DRB) estimate of coal for the Yampa Coal Field of Colorado is 9.88 billion short tons. This compares with 5.10 billion short tons for the same area according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS) coal resources study. The new estimates are derived from revised resource calculations based on a significantly larger drill hole database and adjustments for depletion due to past mining through November 1999. Bituminous reserves of the DRB are 8.35 billion short tons. Sub-bituminous reserves are 1.53 billion short tons. Most of the resource is in the middle coal group of the Williams Fork Formation (7.36 billion short tons). The accessible reserve base (ARB), which excludes coal restricted by land use or technological considerations, is estimated to be 6.86 billion short tons. Using a 200 ft surface minable limit of depth to coal, the ARB can be differentiated for both surface and underground minable coal estimates. The surface minable accessible reserve base is 1.05 billion short tons, and the underground minable accessible reserve base is 5.81 billion short tons.