SP-18 Ground Water Heat Pumps in Colorado: An Efficient and Cost-Effective Way to Heat and Cool Your Home


Discusses operating cycle, well permits, groundwater, system design, economic comparison, manufacturers of ground water heat pumps. 32 pages. 5 figures. 8 tables. Digital PDF download. SP-18D

From the Introduction:

Groundwater heat pumps are commercially proven systems used for residential and commercial space heating and cooling, that may represent a cost-saving alternate to conventional gas, propane, and electrical-based systems.

This pamphlet discusses the advantages and disadvantages of owning and operating a groundwater heat pump. The mechanism for operation of a heat pump is presented first. Information is then provided which allows potential users to estimate the size of the heat pump required for individual needs. Given this information and the economic analysis presented later in this pamphlet, a potential user can decide for himself whether the groundwater heat pump is a practical and worthwhile investment for his specific application.