MI-01 Mineral Resources of Colorado


This substantial publication is a classic and well-known reference book for those interested in Colorado’s historic mining districts and mineral resources. It is organized into three parts, I) metals, non-metals, and fuels; II) summaries of mining districts and mineral deposits; and III) investigation of strategic mineral resources. In Part I: The metals (gold, silver, lead, and zinc) are arranged alphabetically by county and then mining district; the non-metals are arranged alphabetically by type; and similarly, the nonmetallic minerals and fuels are also arranged alphabetically. Part II is organized primarily along the Front Range and then central Colorado. There is also a section on vanadium, fluorspar, and pegmatites. Part III presents the results of mine examinations that were tied to critical minerals needed for the successful prosecution of World War II. These are listed by alphabetically by county and then by mine or mill name. Digital PDF download. MI-01D