B-37 Bibliography and Index of Colorado Geology, 1875 to 1975


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Includes 12,000 citations about Colorado geology cross-indexed by subject, county, and rock unit. (See also IS-21, IS-30, and B-45.) 488 pages. 42 figures. 8 tables. Digital PDF download. B-37D

In 1914 the CGS published the first comprehensive bibliography, Bulletin 7. With the exception of a series of Colorado School of Mines quarterlies and circulars compiled in the 1920s by J. Harlan Johnson, no comprehensive supplement to Bulletin 7 appeared.

Subsequently the publication of Bulletin 37 was a cooperative effort between the CGS and the American Geological Institute (AGI) utilizing its GeoRef database system.

Note also that B-37 was followed by a 5-year supplement: Bulletin 45 Bibliography and Index of Colorado Geology: 1975-1980. B-45 contains 3,756 citations for literature published between 1975 and 1980, including some published before 1975 but inadvertently omitted from B-37.